Northwest Driftwood Artists

The 53rd annual Driftwood Sculpture Show is only a few months away, so mark your calendars for Saturday and Sunday, May 21 and 22!
Our artists are busy preparing their new sculptures for this exhibition. We expect over 120 sculptures to be on view in May at Courtyard Hall
in Country Village, Bothell, WA. This will be the 27th and last show at this location. A new venue has not yet been selected for 2017.

Check out last year’s beautiful sculptures here.

Northwest Driftwood Artists (NWDA) is a non profit artists organization devoted to wood sculpture using the LuRon method. We are located in the northwest part of Washington State.

Unlike the carver, the LuRon driftwood artist does not have a particular idea in mind when sitting down to work. Rather, we seek to find the subject which natural processes have made inherent in the piece and, through painstaking cleaning and preparation, enhance that essence and make it prominent. With proper preparation, clear lines and a satin-soft finish can be achieved, bringing out each sculpture’s unique grain and patina.

Most sculptures take over 100 hours to complete. There can be no carving, no foreign objects and sculptures cannot be “constructed.”

The finish is extremely important. Our sculptures must breathe, meaning no shellac or varnish. We strive for a soft finish that doesn’t reflect light. The finish we use is primarily a beeswax and turpentine concoction mixed in our own kitchens. We burnish the wood with a deer antler.

You are encouraged to look at our extensive sculpture library, check out available classes, techniques and upcoming shows.