January Meeting

IMG_3105-L IMG_3107-LA very interesting meeting about inspiration and design.

We broke up into groups of 5 or less and everyone participated in the program. Once again, thanks to Bridget Agabra and Mark Terrano for providing another great gallery of pictures.

Watch for your newsletter which will have details on the program. We will do part two next month and if you missed it the first time, you should be sure to attend February’s meeting.


January Meeting — 2 Comments

  1. What happened to you putting your meeting minutes on your site. They were so interesting. You used to show more pictures, too.

  2. Hi Cathy. I’m happy to learn people like to see behind the scenes. We are such a small group of artists that it’s hard keep the website interesting. We have two people who take photos. Two people who can’t attend the same meeting and there are no photos. The minutes are still being talked about. There was personal information of new members we didn’t want to publicize. We thought, perhaps, no one really cared about the minutes.
    If you’d like to share. . . what was it about the minutes you liked? Thank you for taking time to contact us.

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