International Friends

David Delaney before

“Ghoul” in the raw


The Northwest Driftwood Artists have made a new friend: David Delaney from Glasgow Scotland.



I am 32 years old, live in Glasgow, Scotland and I’m a self-taught driftwood sculptor. I’ve been learning about wood for a couple of years and bought the Patricia Bartlett book about driftwood sculpture for some guidance. I would say my style is naturalistic (LuRon) or contemporary, or somewhere inbetween but I try to enhance/emphasise the natural beauty of the wood as best I can.

"Ghoul" after

“Ghoul” after


How wonderful that the Luron style of sculpture is enjoyed the world over.

David is kind enough to share 3 videos of his driftwood sculptures. David also wants to remind everyone to use a respirator when working with spalted wood!

It would be nice if you left an encouraging comment for David. We need more artists like him.

We hope to see more from you, David!


Ghoul Video

Strider Video

Serendip Video

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