The photos are here and we’re naming names!

TRIBUTECheck it out! What a successful 50th Anniversary! We have loads of new pictures, but the most important photos, THE SCULPTURES have been posted on our Photos page. Lisa Stone, not only an accomplished artist, President of the NWDA and 2013 Peoples Choice Winner, wows us with her photography skills. The NWDA Sculpture photos are the best. LIGHTNING

Look for us in the coming days as we’ll be adding photos of our “Service Project” Brigadoon. We met John and his dog Alphie. Very fun and Alphie didn’t even knock anything down with his massive tail.

And a much deserved “behind the scenes” photo montage of all the volunteers. What a fantastic group of folks.


The photos are here and we’re naming names! — 1 Comment

  1. Congratulations to all the artists and volunteers who made the 50th Anniversary Show
    as spectacular as it appeared on the NWDA website. Special kudos to those who used their special talents to make it all happen so successfully, then to the webmaster for posting. Sorry I had to miss it, but enjoyed the excellent photos. Gorgeous sculptures!
    Lillian Kenison

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