Our Annual Show and a Message


YOU make the NWDA Driftwood Show Possible!

It’s that time of year!  We’re all sanding and burnishing like crazy to get our pieces done for the show.  Without each of the artist’s determination and attention to artistic detail, we wouldn’t have anything to display. I know you are hemming and hawing about whether you can get done in time. I myself wonder if my piece will be done in time.  You can do it, take a little bit of time each day to work your piece and it will be done before you know it.

Speaking of the show here’s the important information
you have been waiting for:

Jurying Dates and Times:  Marysville Thursday, April 24th Bring pieces about 10 am
Kirkland Saturday, May 10th   Bring pieces no earlier than 9:15 am

Volunteer Opportunities.  The vice president already expressed the importance of volunteering.  Thank you to all who have already signed up. Attached is the list of volunteers that have signed up, just in case you forgot.  Note there are many opportunities still available!  Unfortunately, the Marysville Jury sign-up sheet has somehow escaped into the abyss, so please re-sign up for the Marysville Jury day slots. You can email me with your choices at driftwoodartist@hotmail.com and I will send you confirmation of your selections.

New this year!   Artists’ Choice award.  Any artist who has a piece displayed in the show will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite fellow artist’s piece. The winner of this voting will receive special Artist’s Choice recognition and award. We will still have People’s Choice voting for other NWDA members and visitors to the show.

Teachers’ display:  I’d like to honor our teachers with a special table of teachers’ work. NWDA wouldn’t exist without the teachers.  I’d like one early piece and one recent one from each teacher.  Please send me confirmation on the pieces you will be displaying and their sizes so I can plan appropriately.

Committee Chairs – Please contact the following people for other volunteer opportunities.  

Setup:  Corinne Srsen

Potluck Party:  Arline De Palma – She needs an apprentice to take over next year.

Wood Sales:  Sue Watts & Lois Proctor

Special Flowers:  Jeannette Cline, Arline De Palma

Memorial Table:  Sue Banks

Special Display Table:  Corinne Srsen

Without each and every one of you, the show would not be possible.  There are lots of open volunteer slots just for you, so give me a call at 253-838-6150 or email me, driftwoodartist@hotmail.com.

– Corinne Srsen, Show Chair

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