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Table of Contents

DSC_3718About the Art

The LuRon Story Lucile Worlund’s Tale
The LuRon Method
Basic LuRon Guidelines
Art and Driftwood
The Art Within the Art
The Seeing Eye
Inspiration and Design
“Movement” J.Christopher White (external link)

Getting Started

Field Trips What to Look for Where
Finding Wood
Documenting Your Sculpture
(more) Tools and Equipment
Rasps, Rifflers and Files
Cabinet Rasps
Rotary Power Tools
Choosing Power Carving Bits
Metal Wools and Abrasive Powders
Care of Our Equipment

Let’s Do Some Work (finally)

Cleaning Your Wood
Removing Heavy Surface Debris
Sanding In Depth Study 1
Sanding In Depth Study Continued
Wood Sculpture Sanding (Sanding Tools and Burnishing)
Sanding Sandpaper is My Friend
Coated Abrasives – Open VS Closed Coat

Let’s Get Serious . . . What’s Going On With That Wood

Wood Infestation
Wet Woods What Do We Do?
Working With Holes, Cracks and Breaks
Removing Pitch
Working With Pitch
Working Your Wood
Removing Unwanted Parts
Clues about Glues
Glue and Woodturning (off site and VERY in depth)
Repairing Fractures in Wood
Repairing Wood
Torching Our Sculptures
Miscellaneous Helpful Hints for Working Driftwood

How To Give Your Sculpture the LuRon Finish

Wood Finishing Methods
Oils and Finishes
Bleaching Woods
How to Prepare for the Final Finish
Finishes and Finishing Hardening Woods
Fine Finishing of Driftwood Sculptures
Final Finishing
Everything You Wanted to Know About Basing Wood


Basic LuRon Guidelines
Guidelines for Acceptance into the 2011 Driftwood Show
Jury Day Process
Jury Support Instructions for Volunteers
Volunteer Instruction for 2011 NWDA Show