Getting Started

get startedChapter 2 begins with some tips on where to find your wood and what to look for. Please check with your local forestry department and follow the rules. Don’t take live wood. (It’s useless to the sculptor anyway.) Don’t trespass. Be good to the forest. Do no harm!

There is quite a bit of information on tools and selecting them. Nothing, but nothing beats attending our many classes in the Pacific Northwest area. You are strongly encouraged to enroll. Great teachers and students. Classes are very inexpensive!

Field Trips What to Look for Where
Finding Wood
Documenting Your Sculpture
(more) Tools and Equipment
Rasps, Rifflers and Files
Cabinet Rasps in Detail
Power Carving Burrs
Choosing Power Carving Bits
Metal Wools and Abrasive Powders
Care of Our Equipment