Cabinet Rasps

rasps_leadHalf Round Rasps (offsite link)


This is a wonderful article from Canadian Woodworking. This is where you should go before you spend money on a cheap, big-box store brand or a $120 specialty rasp. Yes, rasps can be expensive.

“The rasp is an ideal tool to use when there is a lot of stock that needs to be removed, particularly on convex or concave surfaces, or where you need to quickly bevel or chamfer an edge. The technique I find easiest is to cut out as much of the rough profile as I can on the bandsaw, followed by shaping with one or more rasps, and then final smoothing with card scrapers or sandpaper as needed.

Not only do rasps cut quickly, they also provide a high degree of control and precision. Smooth cutting rasp (those with smaller, more numerous teeth) provide a relatively clean finish, with minimal tear-out, even on highly figured wood. And, they’re quiet in use, which is an important consideration for anyone who works in a fairly small shop.”