Must Haves:

Protection for your work surface
Scrapers / router blades
Dental tools / picks
Brushes of different sizes (for dusting crevices and keeping your wood clean from dust)
Sandpapers of different grits (80, 100, 220. 320, 400)
Soft, lint free cloths
Murphy’s Oil soap mixture or environmentally safe cleaner
4 in 1 file
Wire bristle brush
Soft toothbrush
Final finish (i.e. Beeswax or Minwax mixtures etc.)
Burnishing tool (antler, card folder, rock or anything that can be used to close the wood fibers smoothly)
Small saw (coping saw)
Masks (breathing)


Heat gun (small)
Microplane scrapers
Rotary power tool
Burrs (carbide lasts longer than steel)
Sanding drums for rotary tool
Any kind of scrapers that will dig out wood
Portable dust collector
Safety goggles and ear plugs (should be used with power tools)