Let’s Get Serious

What’s Going on With That Wood?

LuRon Artists

There is lots and lots of information on these pages. If you live in the greater Puget Sound area, the Northwest Driftwood Artists recommend you join one of our classes. They are inexpensive and FUN! If you can’t join us, then we hope you will benefit from our lessons. Be safe. Have fun.


Wood Infestation
Wet Woods What Do We Do?
Working With Holes, Cracks and Breaks
Removing Pitch
Working With Pitch
Working Your Wood
Removing Unwanted Parts
Clues about Glues
Glue and Woodturning (off site and VERY in depth)
Repairing Fractures in Wood
Repairing Wood
Torching Our Sculptures
Miscellaneous Helpful Hints for Working Driftwood