NWDA Annual Show Gallery

We have the best sculpture photographer in Lisa Stone. All these photos bring out the life and character of the art. Even if you have seen a show, you haven’t seen the sculptures like this. Award winning photography. DON’T MISS IT!

Our juried show pieces highlight the best of the Luron sculpture technique. Most take over 100 hours to complete. There can be no carving, no foreign objects and sculptures cannot be “constructed.”

We strive to create  naturalistic pieces that bring out the unique characteristics – grain, color, shape – of each raw piece of wood.


Large   Medium  Small  Miniature  Hanging

 2012 Show

          Large   Medium  Small  Miniature  Hanging

 2012 Show Behind the Scenes

          Thursday  Friday  Party  Finale

2011 Show

         Large   Medium  Small  Miniature  Hanging

Other Photos

Meetings and Member Events

Windwoods Fundraising Project

2012 Quilceda Show

         Saturday   Sunday