Congratulations to All 2014

. . . But particularly to these artists!

Check out the full albums here. Hanging Miniature Small Medium Large




1ST Foxasaurus Jo Marsh
2ND  Snird Sherry Lawson
3RD  Flying Free Carole Kite


1ST Whirlwind Don Berger
2ND First Flight Carol Cox
3RD Tornado Alley Jeri Butler


1ST A Fleeting Moment Karen Chau
2ND Shall We Dance Carol McElvaine
3RD Portal Sherry Lawson


1ST Picasso’s Way Chadd Hass
2ND Hidden Values Marlene Wylie
3RD Undulating Kelp Tuttie Peetz


1ST Soaring High Tuttie Peetz
2ND Haida Raven Ann Iaukea
3RD To Infinity and Beyond Carole Kite

And The Artists’ Choices

HANGING Soaring High Tuttie Peetz
LARGE Hidden Values Marlene Wylie
MEDIUM A Fleeting Moment Karen Chau
SMALL Bear Hug Carole Kite
MINIATURE Flying Free Carole Kite


Congratulations to All 2014 — 2 Comments

  1. I love all of the different displays of this kind of art. I was wondering if by chance you can email me some informational links about finding, preparing, and selling driftwood art?

    Thank you so much if you can!

    Kymberli Simmons

    • Hi Kymberli, Thank you for the compliment. For information on how to use the Luron method, you can watch our instructional videos on our videos page. We have links to most of our tool sources on our Links page. We are an artists group and we don’t sell from this site and I cannot help you in that regard. Cheers!

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